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How to change o-rings of air motor AM-25

Exchanging o-rings: Squeeze the o-ring together between thumb and forefinger to form a loop. Pull off o-rings and slide on new o-rings.


How to change LED ring in Alegra air motor AM-25-L RM

Remove the air motor from supply hose, remove motor sheath and LED-ring.


Assistina 3x3/3x2 - air filter change

Assistina 3x3/3x2 - air filter change: The built-in air filter in the connecting hose is only a fine filter. It cannot clean unfiltered and possibly contaminated compressor air. Dirty fine filters must be replaced as required or once a year.


Assistina 3x3/3x2 - cartridge change cleaner

Easy and fast change of the W&H Activefluid cartridge at Assistina 3x3/3x2.


Assistina 3x3/3x2 - cartridge change oil

Easy and fast change of the Assistina 3x3/3x2 W&H Service Oil cartridge.


Assistina 3x3/3x2 - Cover

How to remove, clean and reassemble the cover of Assistina 3x3/3x2.


Assistina 3x3/3x2 - General Use

Assistina 3x3/3x2 - general use: Automatic instrument maintenance procedures provide distinct advantages for correct cleaning and lubrication as well as perfect function and long working life of dental instruments. It is simple, safe and cost-reducing.


Assistina 3x3/3x2: How to insert adaptor into Assistina unit

How to insert different adaptors into Assistina unit.


Assistina 3x3/3x2 - initial filling

Easy and fast initial filling of the internal tubings of Assistina 3x3/3x2.


Assistina 3x3/3x2: Reprocessing of blood contaminated instruments

This video demonstrates the reprocessing of blood contaminated instruments.


Assistina 3x3 - clean and lubricate dental instruments

The instrument preparation with Assistina 3x3 is carried out in three steps. The complete process is validated and confirmed by expert opinion. Step 1: Automatic internal cleaning of the spray channels and transmission parts with W&H Activefluid. Blowing through spray channels and transmission parts with compressed air. Step 2: Automatic external cleaning of the instrument with W&H Activefluid. Step 3: Lubrication of the transmission parts with W&H Service Oil F1.


Assistina 3x3 - fluids of contra-angle handpiece

Assistina 3x3: Perfect cleaning inside and outside. The contra-angle handpiece preparation with Assistina 3x3 is carried out in three steps. Automatic internal cleaning, external cleaning, perfect instrument lubrication.